Niklas Heidloff and the team at OpenNTF recently raised the question of which hashtag should be used for IBM Connections development-related posts and tweets.  

It's a very fair question, after all having an agreed common hashtag that is used on relevant posts makes it much easier for advocates and newcomers alike to find and follow Connections-related content.  Given that IBM is pushing Connections as a development platform of the future, it is crucial that the community makes Connections as open and prominent for developers as we possibly can.

Therefore, I asked the question on Twitter, Skype and LinkedIn over the past 7-10 days, captured a number of suggestions, and opened a vote.  The results are now in:

Hashtag Vote Results

So, the community has spoken...  #ibmcnx and #ibmcnxdev have been chosen!

Let's see them being used! ;-)

By: Stuart McIntyre | 9 Comments | On: 4 June 2012 07:30:00 PM | Tags:  ibmcnx  ibm  connections 


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9) Re: Really like the writng style
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