As many of you will be aware, Michael Sampson is one of the leading Collaboration and Social Business Strategists, with a number of fantastic books to aid those that are implementing such systems within their organisations.  Michael and I have worked together on a number of customer engagements and I greatly value his work.

Michael is currently running a fresh version of his survey on user adoption strategies.  The output from the survey will be used for an update to his book on the topic and also for his session at AusLUG in March.  He'd love your input:

Michael SampsonI am currently running a survey on how organizations approach user adoption for collaboration tools. Many people have filled out the survey in the past couple of months, but I only have 25 responses from organizations using IBM Connections. I know there are a lot more of you out there ... and I'm very interested to read the pulse on your approach.

Here's an offer for organizations with IBM Connections. If I can get more than 100 respondents using IBM Connections to complete the survey, I will run a special webinar just for IBM Connections customers on the survey results. The webinar will report on what organizations with IBM Connections are doing from an adoption perspective. If I get more than 200 responses, I will write up the findings in a report ... and give a free copy to every IBM Connections organization that completes the survey (and leaves contact details).

So, if you use IBM Connections ... please take the user adoption survey now.

Thanks much!
So if you have deployed IBM Connections, please do head over to Michael's survey and let him know how you are approaching user adoption.  Your input will make a great difference to many others that will look to roll out Connections in the future.  Thanks!

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